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What have we done?

The application offers a solution for the time management of mobile work. The mobile application includes orders, working locations, commuting between locations and reporting tools. With the app's real-time information, it is possible to find out what work is being done and where and how long it takes to commute between locations. The application helps to send the right person to the right destination, and employees have maps of the destinations at their disposal.

The application is sold internationally and is suitable for companies whose employees work between several locations.

How did we do it?

We designed and implemented an application tailored to the needs based on the ideas of the entrepreneur.

Used techniques

React, React-Native, Typescript, Firebase, Material-UI, React-Native-Paper

“The app has many benefits that supports our work. The most important features are real-time monitoring of working hours, which has made it possible to lead personnel to better performance.

Secure documentation eases customer service. Changes to resources are also easier to make. Working time is saved up to 2 hours/week/employee, i.e. around €40,000 per year."

Osku Nykänen

entrepreneur and CEO, Mikkeli Siivotaan Oy

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