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AI-solutions and training

AI-solutions and training

We offer comprehensive AI solutions and expert training to assist your business in leveraging the opportunities presented by AI.

We offer comprehensive AI solutions and expert training to assist your business in leveraging the opportunities presented by AI.

Digitalisoinnin konsultointitapaaminen Mikkelin toimistolla.

AI-solutions and training

We offer comprehensive AI solutions and expert training to assist your business in leveraging the opportunities presented by AI.


AI-solutions and training

Transform your business for the future


generative AI

AI training



AI integrations

Succeeding in today's rapidly changing business environment often requires tailored solutions. We help you integrate AI and digital solutions into your business operations. Whether it’s enhancing customer experience through digital services, more effectively utilising data, or developing new intelligent services, we are ready to assist you on your AI journey.

We master the possibilities of digitalisation, and you are the expert in your field. Together, we will tackle your challenges or ideas and help you find solutions for developing your operations. Our goal is to offer more than ready-made solutions - we aim to help you understand how AI can best support your business. We assist you on your journey towards a new kind of business that utilises AI and digitalisation, bringing tangible benefits to your company.

Tailored ChatGPT courses

The revolution of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, has changed our perception of technology's role in business and society. ChatGPT is not merely a tool; it's part of a broader societal change that demands active engagement and understanding.

Our customised ChatGPT training is a great opportunity to deeply explore this new technology and learn how to harness AI as a daily assistant. In the training, we emphasise the versatile uses of ChatGPT, from ideation and learning to making work tasks more efficient.

Join us on this journey where we learn together how AI can reshape our businesses and professions.

The goal of the training is to help participants take an active role in this transformation, developing not only practical skills but also a deeper understanding of the possibilities of ChatGPT and generative AI.

After the training, we offer comprehensive support to ensure the continuous development and practical application of the skills you have learned.

The person behind the course

CEO, Ville Venäläinen

Ville Venäläinen

Feedback from participants:

"Ville is an expert in this field and really knows how to help us use AI in practice."

"This was a very good course with great expertise and a nice, relaxed touch!"

Ville is in charge of the training. He is a seasoned educator, speaker, and developer. Ville has helped numerous companies over the years in digitalisation and has been developing information systems and AI solutions, as well as management and business, on a very broad scale.

Ville has 20 years of experience in leveraging AI, particularly in the use of ChatGPT for various business applications over nearly two years. He specializes in integrating AI into software development projects and content creation with AI's aid. At Mindhive, AI is already a part of our daily work, supporting software development, design tasks, and general business operations."

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Why join:
Benefits of ChatGPT training

Understand the possibilites of AI

You will gain a comprehensive overview of the opportunities of generative AI, such as ChatGPT. You will learn how to apply AI to support your specific business and daily work.

Prepare for the future

Our training also aims to ensure that your business stays up-to-date and efficiently utilises the latest technology.

Gain competitive advantage

By incorporating generative AI into your business routine, you can stand out from competitors with a deeper understanding and ability to apply AI in business.

After the training: Let's continue the journey together

In-depth workshops and clinics

We organise in-depth workshops focused on specific aspects of using AI. We also offer handy ChatGPT clinics where we can solve your challenges together.

Customised ChatGPT solutions

We can create customised ChatGPT solutions to support your company's operations, which can help in developing internal processes and customer experience.

AI integrations and software development

We design and implement customised integrations that combine ChatGPT and other AI technologies with your company's existing systems. We can also develop tailored software solutions that leverage AI possibilities in innovative ways.

Feedback from course participants

  • Every part of the course was useful, but for me the guidance for prompting in particular was the most useful part.

  • I gained lots of ideas on how to use ChatGPT for brainstorming in my work.

  • The things I learned will help me search information and analyse textual content faster than before, which is a part of my daily tasks at work.

  • I have now the courage to start using ChatGPT.

  • I need to read through carefully the prompt guide that was shared in the course. It would be great if the guide would be updated as we gain more experience.

  • All in all, the course was good and the topics were discussed in a down to earth manner.

  • I got interested and exited.

  • The most useful part were the examples used and going through the answers together afterwards.

AI assessment

AI assessment

digitalisation strategy

business processes

changing business environment

What AI can mean for your business

Integrating AI into your company's processes can increase efficiency and spur new innovations. Mindhive's AI assessment is designed to provide a clear picture of how AI can support and enhance your business processes.

Mindhive assists you in taking steps towards utilising AI in a manner tailored to your company's unique needs and goals. Our aim is to ensure the smooth and effective implementation of AI, bringing tangible added value to your business.

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Mindhive Oy tekoälykartoitukset
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Mindhive Oy digitalisaatiostrategiat
Mindhive Oy tekoälykartoitukset
Mindhive Oy tekoälykartoitukset

AI assessment journey programme

Current state assessment

We begin by evaluating your company's current state and readiness to leverage AI. This assessment not only offers insight into AI's possibilities within your business but also identifies where AI can be most effectively utilised. The assessment delves into your business processes, technological infrastructure, and staff expertise.

Identifying opportunities

Through AI assessment, we identify concrete opportunities for AI application in your business. Potential areas include enhancing customer service, data analysis for decision-making, or process automation. This assessment helps you discover how AI can support functions like marketing, sales, cost estimation, staff training, or production processes.

Making a plan

Based on the assessment, we collaboratively devise a plan for the necessary steps and resources for the effective implementation of AI in your business. This includes a strategy defining AI integration into your business and ensuring your staff is prepared to utilise these new technologies.

Feedback from our clients

We have helped many kinds of companies using digitalisation to boost their businesses. Here are some of our clients' feedback.

  • "We got an external expert's insight into the things we have been developing for the last four years, and thus the certainty that we are on the right track in our development work. In addition, based on the service, we will make some priority changes to our own development program so that we can utilize the development targets found in the work better and faster."

  • "Expert service that helped us to develop our business."

  • "A very smooth process and a project that perfectly met the company's needs."

  • "Mindhive showed excellent expertise and client-oriented approach."

  • "We received a clear description and a list of measures to implement the service. The experts had exactly the knowledge and expertise that we ourselves lack."

  • "The content and quality of the service exceeded our prior expectations."

  • "A good plan was made for the implementation of the app, now we hope that the app will be ready soon."

  • "The cooperation with Mindhive was successful and they understood what kind of challenge we have from both a technological and financial point of view."

  • "Mindhive was able to provide us with a suitable solution, which is very important in the next stages of the international development of the business. The consultation progressed in suitable chunks and we got the solutions into use according to the predefined schedule. Mindhive also proposed measures that will help the next steps in the international development of the business to be better structured."