Software developers working together.
Software developers working together.

AI and Data Analytics

AI and Data Analytics

AI and Data Analytics

XAMK - AquaHubs

What have we done?

We developed a proof-of-concept and roadmap project to build a digital solution for the automatic estimation of fish stocks, using data gathered by sonar and underwater imaging.

How did we do it?

The project involved the conceptualization of the proof-of-concept project, assessment of the general system architecture, business models and Machine Learning operations necessary to build an AI-powered platform as a SaaS concept. We took part on stakeholder workshops, as well as on the writing of the project’s technical publication.

Used techniques

R, Python, OpenCV

"Mindhive was a reliable and flexible partner in our international project. Mindhive's expertise in the utilization of artificial intelligence and system development strengthened the workshop work of fishing industry stakeholders and enabled the conceptualization of a new kind of digital solution for assessing fish stocks."

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Sami Juntunen

research manager, South Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

For more information

Ville Venäläinen

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