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Find your path in the AI jungle - Tailored ChatGPT trainings for companies


Ville Venäläinen

Find your path in the AI jungle - Tailored ChatGPT trainings for companies

The importance of AI in business operations is continuously growing. The new generation of AI has brought opportunities within a year that everyone can benefit from. In this context, we talk about the "new guy" who helps in work tasks, ideation, learning, and almost anywhere you can think of utilising it.

ChatGPT – More than just a tool

ChatGPT is not just a tool; it's an opportunity to change the way your company communicates, serves customers, and creates innovations. With ChatGPT, customer service tasks can be automated, freeing up customer service staff for more demanding tasks. For example, we can create a customer service chatbot that can answer customers' questions and solve problems using natural language. In content production, ChatGPT is an excellent mirror of thoughts, tackling the challenges of a blank page instantly. ChatGPT also helps in developing new ideas and products. It can be used to quickly and easily create various concepts and ideas, which can then be tested and further developed.

Here are just a few examples to illustrate how powerful a tool ChatGPT is and how it can be utilised in various ways across different business areas. We want to help businesses use ChatGPT effectively and strategically by offering tailored ChatGPT training, among other things.

Tailored training focuses on key aspects of your business

Tailored ChatGPT trainings are currently in high demand, and the feedback from participants has been really good. Participants have felt that they gained new ideas on how to utilise ChatGPT and the courage to use the tool. We have also received praise for the practical approach of the training and its relaxed atmosphere.

Our tailored ChatGPT training helps companies use ChatGPT effectively and strategically. The training is designed to meet the needs and goals of an individual company. Before the training, we hold a meeting with the client to define the goals of the training and to map out various tasks and job descriptions of the participants that the training should focus on.

In the half-day training, we go through the basic concepts and functions of ChatGPT and concrete examples of using ChatGPT. However, the main focus of the training is on joint activities and assisting with tasks related to the everyday life of the company with the help of ChatGPT. After the training, participants will have a better understanding of all the ways ChatGPT can be utilised in their work.

We have special emphasis on interaction among participants in the training: we want to engage in active dialogue with participants and not hold long presentations. "Ask and interrupt, let's solve your own questions together - and learn more together."

Recognising the impact of AI

The world is changing, and so is our work environment. Our training not only prepares your company for the present but also equips it to face future challenges. With ChatGPT, work can become even more efficient and creative.

We also want to help business leaders understand the impact of AI on business. We do not just teach how to use ChatGPT, but also help in utilising AI at a strategic level. Your company's management can learn to recognise the opportunities and challenges brought by AI, which is crucial for success in the future work environment.

If you are interested in learning more about ChatGPT and how you can utilise it in your business, please contact us. Together, we can create a future where technology supports people, and businesses succeed.
Mindhive ChatGPT training
Mindhive ChatGPT training