Workshops are included in the service design internship at Mindhive

Service Design traineeship opened the door to the world of digital design


Nea Lilja

Service Design traineeship opened the door to the world of digital design

As part of the Service Design Bachelor’s degree, students have an internship with the goal of familiarising them­selves with field practices and applying their learned skills in a practical setting.

Learning through customer projects

At the start of the internship, we determined the learning objectives for the period. I wrote about my aspirations to deepen my knowledge of methods used in service design and develop facilitation skills. I also hoped to learn more about digital design and UI/UX-design. Creating a good plan for the internship benefits both the intern and the instructor, and serves as a useful guideline when planning the tasks for the internship period. 

At the beginning of my internship, I had the opportunity to deepen my know­ledge about UI/UX-design. I designed an mobile app prototype, intended to showcase Mindhive’s operations to the students participating in the Mikkeli Yritys­Appro event. The student’s task was to spot design flaws in the prototype and suggest improvements. During my internship, I also had the chance to design other prototypes and learn about things that affect the accessibility of web services.

In customer cases, I achieved my goal of deepening my knowledge of service design methods. Presenting and leading workshops were exciting moments for a first-timer. I also learned that the better one prepares materials in advance, the easier it is to operate at the crucial moment. During the internship, I gained experience presenting to a group of 50 participants, but also leading workshops for a few people in a forest cottage. Each facilitation experience was instructive in its own way and, building my confidence as designer.

Case: Employee experience

The most rewarding and educational project in service design was developing Mindhive’s employee experience. I was given free rein in the project’s execution, but also the necessary sparring support for my instructor. The development of the employee experience started with exploring and gathering background information and interviewing employees. Based on the collected data, employee personas were created, and solutions to their challenges were ideated in a workshop. Leading an independent project from design to implementation was a fantastic learning experience, where I got to witness the best sides of co-development. Facilitating in English was a leap into the unknown, and there was no shortage of laughter that day either.

Looking to the future as a designer with greater confidence

The internship period at Mindhive was enriching and full of nice experiences. The goals set for the internship were achieved even better than I could have imagined. I had many moments of success, but also learned from my mistakes. Thanks to the encouraging and trusting atmosphere at the workplace, I dared to take responsibility and step into new situations. The internship at Mindhive offered a dive into practical service design, UI/UX-planning, and the possibilities of AI. As I closed my work laptop for the last time, I was left with the important lessons learned during the journey and more confident experience of myself as a (soon-to-be) designer.

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