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Generative AI: How it's revolutionising business and the world


Ville Venäläinen

Generative AI: How it's revolutionising business and the world

Generative AI is an innovation that has developed rapidly and surprisingly, bringing to the fore machines that think in an almost human-like manner. This is no longer merely a subject of interest for technology enthusiasts – it is a central tool, the understanding and utilisation of which should be on everyone's agenda, especially for leaders. Organisations that have already integrated generative AI into their operations enjoy significant competitive advantages. At the same time, the broader impacts of this technology on society are only just beginning to be understood.

Throughout the industrial society era, new technologies have emerged that have directed us towards the next revolution and era. Such technologies have included trains and railways after the invention of the steam engine, electricity, the automotive and petrochemical industries, as well as ICT and the internet. This new generation of AI is now leading us towards the next revolution, which will likely be even more significant in scale than the industrial revolution initiated by the invention of the steam engine.

The applications of generative AI are diverse, ranging from problem-solving, scientific research, and report generation to the creation of art and entertainment. The role of AI is constantly growing, and its potential is revolutionary in all areas of life. Currently, it seems that the only limit to its capabilities is the available computing power. This is evidenced by massive investments worldwide, such as OpenAI and Microsoft's 100 billion Stargate project, whose sole goal is to build a supercomputer for AI, achieving a super-intelligent machine.

Unlike previous technologies, the autonomy of AI is distinctive: it learns, understands context conceptually, makes inferences, and operates independently, opening new possibilities and challenges. Technology is genuinely encroaching on a domain previously reserved for humans alone. Machines are already quite capable and will increasingly be able to perform various work tasks in a human-like manner.

A particularly noteworthy development direction is humanoid robots, which bring AI into the physical world, creating new possibilities and ethical questions. A Californian startup, Figure, is developing such a robot, whose brain is based on OpenAI's GPT AI. It can learn to do things by itself, sees and hears in a human-like manner, can converse in natural language, and most importantly, it can move and act with a human-like body in an environment designed for us.

The market has clearly recognised the potential of entities like Figure. The company raised nearly 700 million in funding for its product development in February 2024. Humanoid robots are already quite capable, and we know that their skills will only refine over time. BMW has made a strategic agreement with Figure, under which it will use these robots on the production line of its next factory. Initially, tasks dangerous to humans will be replaced, and then labour shortages will be addressed.

It is evident that the impact of AI on the economy, labour markets, and culture is significant. The impact is great on the workforce but also on competition. Preparing for this new era requires an understanding of new logic, continuous learning, and application.

In such a situation, where it is clear that the change will be significant, but the exact nature of the change is unknown, cooperation is ripe. Discussion, collaboration, and sharing are key as we create a sustainable and prosperous future where technology serves our collective success and wellbeing.

Mindhive services in the age of AI

Mindhive helps you understand the challenges and opportunities brought by generative AI. We have developed a comprehensive suite of services that assists organisations and individuals in navigating the world shaped by AI.

Customised AI training: We develop and offer customised training programmes focused on the fundamentals and applications of AI. Our training not only leads to a deep understanding of how AI works but also applies this knowledge through practical examples and case presentations directly related to your industry and daily operations.

General AI training: We also offer general training open to participants from different organisations. These trainings provide a broad overview of the current state and future prospects of AI, fostering interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration in AI.

IT strategy planning and AI mapping: We assist organisations in understanding how AI can transform their operations. Our services include developing an IT strategy that integrates AI into your business, processes, and culture. Our AI mappings help identify areas where AI can add the most value.

AI consultations: We offer consultation services where we implement concrete AI solutions as part of your company's daily processes. Potential areas include sales support, customer service automation, staff training in AI, product support, and marketing automation. Our consultations aim to ensure that the integration of AI technology is smooth, efficient, and produces the desired results. In these consultations, we often use service design, considering service paths as a whole from the customer's perspective, not just as individual technical projects.

Mindhive's mission is to ensure that organisations and their employees not only stay up to date with AI developments but also fully exploit the opportunities it offers. Through us, you receive the necessary support and expertise to face the future with confidence.

If you're interested in learning more about AI and how you can leverage it in your business, get in touch. Together, we can create a future where technology supports people, and businesses thrive.