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AI is now everyone's business, and it's reshaping our entire society


Ville Venäläinen

AI is now everyone's business, and it's reshaping our entire society

Do you remember the time when AI sounded like sci-fi nonsense and robots were only seen in movies? Well, forget those thoughts! AI is no longer a dream of the future, but it's here revolutionizing our daily lives and our entire society in an unprecedented way.

But where did it all begin?

In 2017, a team of eight researchers published a scientific article introducing the transformer neural network – a simple yet revolutionary new type of neural network they developed for better language translations. However, they did not anticipate that this technology could do much more. Transformers, capable of processing and producing text, proved capable of performing tasks previously thought possible only for human intelligence; suddenly, the team had a technology capable of nearly human-like thinking. Now, AI not only translates languages but also creates new content, aids in decision-making, and nearly anything in everyday and work tasks.

AI – A Megatrend That Changes the World

AI is not just a new tool; it is a megatrend that is revolutionizing work, education, healthcare, and likely our entire social structure in the coming years. It brings new opportunities and changes the way we think about productivity, creativity, problem-solving, and learning. Companies and individuals who use AI are already many times more productive, creative, and consequently more successful. AI skills have quietly become a new civic skill that everyone should adopt.

Mindhive Helps You Leverage AI

At Mindhive, we are committed to helping you and your organization catch up with this development. We offer tailored training sessions that not only introduce the new generation of AI but also teach how to effectively leverage its offered opportunities. Participants in our training sessions have especially appreciated the interactive approach, our knowledgeable trainers, and the practicality of the training. According to participants, the techniques for constructing prompts discussed in the training have been extremely useful in their daily work.

It's Time to Embrace the Tool of the Future!

AI is an opportunity, and ignoring it could be a significant threat. It is a tool that can help us solve the world's greatest challenges and create a better future for everyone. Are you ready to seize this opportunity?

If you're interested in learning more about AI and how you can leverage it in your business, get in touch. Together, we can create a future where technology supports people, and businesses thrive.